Barefoot Power's latest product release, the portable Barefoot GO solar system, launches this month offering an exciting new option for homes and businesses to increase access to renewable energy in developing countries.

The Barefoot GO is a portable unit, so it can be used as a torch, ceiling or wall mounted. Barefoot GO lights can also be used as a torch, ceiling or wall mounted.

Barefoot Go lights can also be reversed in the stand and used as wall washer light, Barefot Power CEO Rick Hooper explained.

"Barefoot Power has been developing solar powered solutions for communities off the electricity grid since 2005. The market has grown with Barefoot Power through several product iterations now and our latest offering is our response to a more sophisticated consumer market," Mr Hooper said.

Barefoot GO fully integrates with the larger Barefoot Connect systems, which were released in May.

"This integration makes the entire Barefoot system expandable, durable and affordable, bringing brighter light, longer run times and the ability to power DC devices such as radios, fans and TVs for communities with little or no access to electricity currently."

"We are currently developing units to add to this connectable system that will enable users to power laptop computers and refrigerators," Mr Hooper said.

Barefoot GO and Barefoot Connect both have additional features going beyond lighting and charging, including more powerful lights, battery charge indicators, low battery warning system and USB outputs to charge smart phones. It is waterproof and dust-proof, offering superior durability. These products do not require maintenance and have a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Solar powered products are a reliable and affordable alternative to kerosene for those living off the electricity grid. Switching to solar power saves families money over time, with payback periods as short as four months, and reduces reliance on fossil fuels, while also improving the user's health.

With high-quality and affordable solar power systems from Barefoot Power, families and small businesses around the world are improving their lives in subtle ways that make a big difference.

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