India DeliveryToTERIIn Indian, some 400 million people have zero access to electricity since the grid does not reach their areas.

Barefoot Power India has done a project to improve “Light” for “Life” with TERI, The Energy and Resource Institute… turn night into day, to light the darkness, generating electricity through renewable energy.

The houses are in deep forest areas where permit is required to visit for installation. It is surrounded by wild animal and has a Tiger reserve. The objective of the program is the tribal people may use 40% less wood from forest for cooking and this will effect deforestation. Also, there is no grid electricity so the tribals are now safer and children can study. How will TERI and Barefoot Connect light to Bright the Darkness?

Barefoot Power India and TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute has cooperated for a project to improve “Light” for “Life” … turn Night into Day, Generating electricity through renewable energy. This is lighting integrated with clean energy Cook Stove... and reduce deforestation issue. This project has taken place in Angul district of Odisha, which is off grid tribal area.

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