One Renewable Energy Enterprise, Inc. “One Renewable” was established in 2008 by former employees of Shell Solar Philippines Corporation (SSPC) who desired to pursue the business after the global scale down of Shell Renewables. The team is considered a prime mover of the rural retail segment of the solar industry in the Philippines because it pioneered the development of rural retail market for solar energy business.

DescriptionIn a market that is considered the bottom of the pyramid, it is imperative to create an ecosystem that supports the buyer and the seller for it to be a sustainable business model. The traditional approach of government had been to give away systems to beneficiaries as a one-time transaction. This has a limited reach and duration as there is no after sales service and generally the product becomes useless after the first year. To renew this way of thinking, One Renewable has partnered with Micro Finance Institutions and local Distributor / Contractor to create a livelihood program that will provide business opportunities for the community as well as maintain a strong and reliable sales and after sales network.

For the last five years, One Renewable have penetrated rural communities in the North from Sta. Ana Cagayan to mountain provinces in the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges; the Island towns and provinces in the East including the Bicol Region; the last frontier Palawan in the West; down South in the Visayan Islands up to Mindanao.One Renewable have also made Barefoot Power Micro Solar home systems available, affordable and a household “must have” in these remote communities.